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Welcome Timnath GMA Resident

All users of the Timnath reservoir must obtain a Shore Permit.  NOTE: Permits, of any kind, are no longer available at the Timnath Town Center building.  Annual Shore Permits and Annual Non-Motorized Permits can only be purchased online using one of the application forms below.

  • Includes two (2) permit tags and one guest vehicle pass.
  • Use of a non-motorized boat on the reservoir requires an annual, or daily Shore Permit.
  • Limited to 40 Annual Non-Motorized Boat Permits (limited to four (4) per household).
  • Limited to a total of 10 Daily Non-Motorized Boat Permits.
    • GMA Resident Guests may purchase Daily Non-Motorized Boat Permits (onsite only from Reservoir Attendant).
  • Limited to a total of 10 Daily GMA Residents and their guests.
  • Daily Permits for Trailered Non-Motorized Boat Permits are not available to GMA Residents or their guests.
  • All Daily Shore Permits and Guest Vehicle Permits may be purchased onsite from the reservoir attendant.

NOTE: Once you have purchased an annual shore permit, you may purchase unlimited Daily Non-Motorized Boat Permits (if available) throughout the year OR you may purchase an Annual Non-Motorized “Add-On” Permit.

If you are uncertain whether you live within the Timnath GMA, click on the button below.

Annual Shore Permit

Shore Permits are required to use the shoreline or reservoir amenities, and are only available online using this form. Individual daily permits must be purchased from the reservoir attendant upon arrival.

Annual Shore Permit & Non-Motorized Boat Permit Combo

Use this form to obtain your Annual Shore pass in combination with your Annual Non-Motorized Boat Permit (up to four (4) per household).  A total of forty (40) Annual Non-Motorized Boat Permits are available to GMA Residents, and can only be purchased online.  Daily permits can only be purchased from the Reservoir Attendant upon arrival.

Annual Non-Motorized Permit “Add-On”

If you’ve already purchased an Annual Shore Permit and wish to add an Annual Non-Motorized Boat Permit (up to four (4) per household), use this form.  Please be sure to have your Annual Shore Permit number available.  It is required to submit this application.